Friday Dancing

It’s been a loooooong workweek, you guys.  My coworker Katie and I were enthusiastic stupid enough to volunteer ourselves to plan and implement a week-long preschool language summer camp.  You know those weeks when you’re so busy that time just flies and before you know it, it’s Friday and you’re enjoying a glass of wine and thinking about how productive you were?  This was not on of those weeks.  This was one of those weeks when you’re so busy you don’t get a lunch break until 5:00 (known as dinnertime to some people) and you have to pop an Advil every four hours and you have nightmares recapping your horrible day and you still manage to accomplish virtually nothing.


Preschool camp lasted from 12:30-3 every day this week and took place in the waiting room of the clinic, so every day we had to dismantle the waiting room and set it up for camp at exactly 12:25, and then we had to have the room back in order for our regular patients at 3:02.  12:30-3 also happens to be the exact time of day many preschoolers take a nap.  You might know, if you’ve ever interacted with a small child, that they get very cranky and rude when they haven’t napped.  You also might know that some small children, especially those who are developmentally delayed, do not do particularly well if you decide to let them have outdoor time in a parking lot with no fence around it.  And even if these things aren’t an issue, the plans for the day can still get ruined by different factors, such as clients showing up at the wrong time, rain, or a behavioral child who refuses to participate in anything and instead attempts to punch and kick everyone and escape when no one is ready to catch him.

So today?  I’m working from home writing and proofreading reports, but I have a cookie in one hand and coffee in the other, and I plan on dancing it out to some new Jenny Lewis tunes when I’m done.  Tomorrow:  a quick, (hopefully) less insane workday and a camping trip to the White Mountains.  No children allowed.



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