Further Proof

Remember when I was convinced my house was haunted and all of you mocked me and told me it was most likely an electrical problem?  Well, today I present further proof that there is, indeed, something strange going on here.

6:30 am:  Murray and I drive home from our morning run with Back on My Feet.  Murray throws up all over the car seat.

8:30 am:  I eat breakfast and nap with Murray while listening to inane banter on the Today show.  Murray is acting sick, just laying on top of me and not even moving when he hears a food bag rustling downstairs.

1:00 pm:  Murray continues to loaf around the house.  Daphne leaves for work, leaving Selchie behind.  Stacie is upstairs with the cat.

2:30 pm:  Greg and I leave for the grocery store.

3:00 pm:  We get in the car to go home, and I remark to Greg that I am feeling very anxious for no particular reason.  I try to brush it off and assume it’s because I had been doing my taxes, or because I’m dreading work tomorrow.

3:15 pm:  We return from the store and go inside.  Selchie is ecstatic to see us.  Murray is nowhere in sight.  I note that it’s strange for him to not be following us around the moment we return, but assume he is still not feeling well and has been snoozing upstairs.  We continue to unpack the groceries, take out the compost, and unload the dishwasher.

3:45 pm:  I head upstairs to put a few things away and check on Murray.  Murray is not there.  I check Stacie’s room; she is also gone.  Maybe she strangely decided to take him on a walk without telling us?  I run downstairs to find Murray’s collar and leash still hanging by the door.  A thorough search of the rest of the house indicates that Murray has gone missing.

3:55 pm:  Greg opens the front door to look for Murray outside.  At that moment, Murray is prancing down the sidewalk in front of our house, following a group of kids.  He is panting as though he’s been tearing around outside.  The kids tell us he had started following them only a few houses away.  Murray happily trots inside and drinks an entire bowl of water.

I’ve asked Murray a billion times how he managed to get out, but he hasn’t said a word.  If you’ve ever been to my apartment, you know that there are two front doors you need to enter, both of which were locked when we got home.  When I asked Stacie if she knew anything about it, she replied that she locked both doors when she left.  Yes, it is possible that she accidentally left the doors open for a period of time without remembering it, but in that scenario, it is more likely that Selchie would have been the escape artist.

Also, if you’ve ever met Murray, you know that he is timid and has a fear of doors that aren’t wide open.  Even if I stand behind a door that is slightly ajar and call his name while waving treats around, he won’t nose through it.  He also is trained to stay on the front porch when he goes outside, until I give him the okay to go into the yard.  Although he might not have waited for my commands if I wasn’t there, the likelihood of him sneaking out of the house alone is pretty slim.

I think I’ll probably practice a few tricks to get ghosts to reveal themselves that I learned during middle school sleepovers.  Don’t worry, I will keep you all updated.




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