Re: Missouri

Guy in my running group:  “You’re from St. Louis?  That’s where my fiance is from.  We just got back from visiting.”

Me:  “Oh, what did you think?”

Guy:  “Uh….I liked it.”

Me:  “You can tell me if you didn’t like it.  I won’t be offended.” (I’d just think you were stupid.)

Guy:  “No, I liked it, it was fine.  It’s just so…..planned out.”

Really, that’s your main complaint?  Sorry for having efficient city planners who didn’t look like they designed the streets while having a seizure.  (Also, turns out he spent most of his time there in Chesterfield…so that explains a lot.)


Guy at a party:  “Where are you from?”

Me:  “St. Louis.”

Guy:  “I got my dog from East St. Louis!  She’s a pit bull.”



Another partygoer:  “Are you a big Nelly fan?”

Yep, that’s actually my defining characteristic.  I’m from the Lou and I’m proud.



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