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I used to read a blog called THXTHXTHX in which the author, Leah, documented every little and big thing she was thankful for every day.  Sometimes it was clever and sometimes it was sappy, but, unlike Jimmy Fallon, she was never sarcastic or irreverent.  I liked the notes because they were simple and sweet, and they took into account all the little things in life.  I also like Jimmy’s silly spin on thankfulness because damn do I get tired of reading about how #blessed everyone is on social media.  (Invariably, everyone is always #blessed for the same reasons:  husband, job, kids, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Thank God for 30 Days of Thankfulness so the sanctimonious among us can come out.)  I also like reading why my family members are thankful every year at Grandma and Pop’s house.  There are usually poems and a few poop jokes, and ones like the note Laura sent me a picture of this year:  “I am thankful for different things than I was last year.  Also, some of the same things.  A real mixed bag.”

As I learned this year, if I’m not spending my Thanksgiving with family, I can’t get my kicks hearing about what those around me are thankful for because Greg hates being asked this question and refuses to answer it.  (Rude.)  Although I am not nearly as clever as my examples above, I thought I’d share what I’m thankful for this year, thank you note style.

Dear Boston,

Thanks for being somewhat similar to and also entirely different from St. Louis at the exact same time.  You’ve given me a lot to learn, a lot to love, and also a lot to make fun of.

Love, Annie

Dear Casey Pup,

Thank you for being the first dog I ever had in my life, and for teaching me how to have a dog of my own.  You’re the smartest li’l fella I ever met, and maybe the silliest too.

Stay crazy, Annie


Dear Pie,

Just….thanks.  For everything.

Love, World’s #1 Pie Fan

Dear Truman and SLU,

Thanks for the education and the opportunity to meet some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  I swore I wouldn’t miss you and that being an adult would be so much better, but every so often I get nostalgic for late-night study groups/yoga sessions/bar crawls.  However, I will still not donate $100 to you but nice try.

Miss you, Annie


Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for raising me in such a way that I can look at parents of the current generation and be entirely judgmental toward them, because I know the way you did it was the best way.  Thanks for always encouraging me and giving me a passion for education, the arts, baseball, the outdoors, and terrible puns, among other things.

Love you and miss you, Annie


Dear Knoxville,

I didn’t love you when I lived there, but what I wouldn’t give for a warm biscuit from Tupelo Honey right now.  You were a little too small for this girl but I miss you just the same.

See you later, Annie

Dear New Friends,

Thanks for being some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  When I look back on where I was 6 months ago (crying in my car because I was lost, eating ice cream alone on the Fourth of July, frantically searching for a place to live), the person I was seems so different.  Now, I celebrate holidays and ice cream days with friends, I live in one of the nicest apartments I’ve ever had, and I call you when I’m having car troubles.

You rock, Annie

Dear Old Friends,

Thanks for keeping the truth in the old Girl Scout song.  Thanks for being people I can count on every day.  Thanks for forgiving me when I don’t talk to you for a month or more, but making it feel like no time has passed at all.  Thanks for phone dates, postcards, calendars, floppy bunny hands, long email chains about speech pathology, silly online articles, interesting online articles, Bridesmaids quotes, cranial nerve dysfunction faces, nacho nights, Julia Child impressions, and just about everything else.

I miss you all, Annie

Copy of Chainmaildresses

Dear Mindy Kaling, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler,

Thanks for being the new norm of strong and confident women who also happen to be hysterical and don’t take themselves too seriously.  I will forever read your books and watch your shows.

Your Fan, Annie


Dear Fried Egg Sandwiches,

Thank you for being the best breakfast ever invented.  And thanks to hot sauce and sharp cheddar, for being your partners in crime.

Lots of Love, Annie

Dear Mountains,

Thank you for being amazing and awe-inspiring, always.  Please stay in my life forever.

Love, Annie


Dear Murray,

Thanks for being the snuggliest, most faithful and obedient dog I could ask for.  Thanks for making me get up every morning to run with you, and for being patient with me on weekends when all I want to do is lay around.  Thanks for teaching me to live every day like it’s the best day of my life.

Love love love, Your Human


Dear Camera,

Thanks for letting me capture every moment eleventy billion times if I want to.  I still have a lot to learn about you, but I’ve enjoyed trying to become a better photographer.

Best, Annie

Dear Laura and Rob,

Thanks for being the best siblings ever and for being just as weird as I am.  Don’t have too much fun without me!

Love, Annie


Dear Sheets Fresh Out of the Dryer,

You might be the best thing that ever happened, especially when a dog has been spending time rolling around on you.

Love ya, Annie

Dear Winter Weather,

Thanks for giving me a good reason to break out my tights and boots and scarves, and for making me appreciate warmer weather even more.

Thanks, Annie

Christmas Wallpaper

Dear Hardwood Floors,

Thank you for being so durable and beautiful and forgiving.  You might have some scuffs but I think they make you look even prettier.


Dear Previous and Current Apartments,

Thanks for being within walking distance of running trails and public parks, each and every one of you.  I might be spoiled with such great locations, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love, Annie

Dear St. Louis,

Thank you for being the best city in the U.S. (and the happiest, according to this study).  I miss you every day and I love you with all my heart.

Love love love, Annie



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