Cast of Characters

Earlier, I had written out a super long sappy post about what my roommates have taught me, but it started to drag on a lot and it was reading like I was giving a eulogy or something.  So forgive me (or thank me) that you won’t get to (have to) read it.  Maybe someday I will be able to eloquently put into words what all my former roomies have meant to me without making anyone gag.  In the meantime, suffice it to say that all of my roommates have been lit’rally the best and continue to be some of my best friends.

It all started to get sappy because of a pie.  One of my roommates baked a pie for dessert because I was making risotto and had invited her to eat with us, so it turned into this wonderfully extravagant fall meal.  I hadn’t gotten to know her very well, because she was out of town a lot at first and, like me, enjoys some alone time.  But I think there was something about this pie that brought us together.  We’ve started making an effort to chat with each other more, brainstorming to resolve various problems that arise when 5 people of different backgrounds share one apartment, and talking about our dogs like they’re our children.  And then I started to think about how when I moved to Boston, I knew one single person, and he was out of town for half of the week that I lived with him.  And now, thanks to roommates, I have a whole “crew”, as Greg’s frat-bro friend would put it.  Even though there’s no replacement for old friends, there’s certainly room for new ones, especially when you need someone to celebrate Halloween with or to share a decadent dinner with, or maybe just to chat about your day when no one else is around.

I’ve already mentioned these people a few times, so I figured I’d describe them a little bit for anyone who is that wildly interested about my life (which I’m sure is everyone).


Greg:  My main squeeze.  He just got a new job giving tours at Sam Adams, which he loves!  Plus, it means two cases of free beer per month.  The most likely outcome of this is that we will get fat and lazy, or possibly everyone will want to be our friend.  He’s also working at a restaurant in Jamaica Plain called the Dogwood, which is just down the street from my old apartment.  Reasons why I love living with him:  the free beer (duh), he does the laundry more often than I do, I can make him play with my hair if I whine enough, he always knows the cool things to do, and he makes the world’s greatest pizza.

IMG_2179Peter:  Former Peace Corps volunteer/food composter extraordinaire.  He currently works for Equal Exchange, a fair-trade coffee company based here in Boston (which means more free things!).  We have an unlimited supply of freshly-roasted samples of coffee, plus chocolate, tea, dried fruits, and avocados.  Reasons why I love living with him:  he unabashedly plays Taylor Swift songs on the guitar, teaches me new things about agriculture, and endlessly mocks me when I do something stupid.

Stacie:  Peter’s wife, also a former PCV.  She is in grad school at Harvard, studying epidemiology.  She doesn’t get anything for free, but she does go shopping with me.  Reasons why I love living with her:  we have endless discussions about fascinating studies related to public health, she runs with me when she’s not too busy studying, she has a slight Target addiction, and we sometimes swap stories about disgusting freak accidents.


Daphne:  nursing student at Simmons College, with plans to become a nurse practitioner.  She’s a calming presence in the apartment and is always good for a discussion about books or music or health over a cup of tea.  Reasons why I love living with her:  she always takes Murray out with her dog so that he gets twice the exercise, she’s an amazing fiddle player, she bakes the best desserts, and she’s done a bajillion cool things with her life but never brags about it.

IMG_2175Carly:  honorary roommate.  I lived with her over the summer at my sublet, and she is the only reason we found such great roommates to begin with.  (She knew Peter through a friend and highly recommended both of us to each other, even though she had only known each of us for about 2 weeks.)  She is also a former PCV and also works at Equal Exchange, as a coffee buyer.  Reasons why I love being her “roommate”:  she is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met and is always interested in learning more about others she meets, she sometimes talks with a fake Boston accent in public just for fun, she has an undying love for St. Louis, and she always doles out hugs when saying goodbye, even if she’s going to see you the next day.

Murray:  my second main squeeze, and my number one snuggle/running/hiking buddy.  Reasons why I love him:  he’s silly and fun, he loves everyone without judgment, he helps me get my exercise, he’s adorable, and he reminds me to treat every day like it’s the most exciting of my life.

DogsSelchie:  Daphne’s dog of 3 years, and Murray’s best canine bud.  She is also a Catahoula, as previously mentioned, and people always ask if they are siblings.  Reasons why I love her:  she is adorable and has the softest coat ever, she plays and snuggles with Murray, she doesn’t smell as much as Murray, and she’s very calm but does this cute little tiptoe dance with all her paws when I come home.


Cat silhouettePhoenix:  No photo available.  She’s Peter and Stacie’s cat, and I don’t know much about her because she’s scared of the dogs and refuses to come downstairs when they’re around.  Once, she hid under my bed and refused to come out even though I threw shredded cheese at her.  If Homeward Bound taught me anything, it’s that cats are more finicky than dogs.  However, she has been working hard stalking a mouse that’s living in our laundry room.  Too good for my cheese that’s right under your nose, but you’ll spend all night staring at a washing machine so you can potentially catch a snack?  Whatever floats your boat, as long as you can get it to stop eating my bread.

In conclusion, my roommates (both two- and four-legged) are awesome, and I’m so thankful to be living in the coolest house with the coolest people this side of New York.  It felt so good thinking about of reasons I love my household, silly or otherwise, that you should try it too!  I’d love to hear why you love your roommates (of either human or non-human descent).


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