The Haunting

Well, we’re 85% sure that our house is haunted.  I’m just going to present the evidence we’ve collected, all completely objective facts.

1.  THE BAT.  Where did it come from?  Where did it go?  If we had a true bat problem, we would’ve seen it again, but it hasn’t been back.

2.  One night we were all cooking pizza together when a bit of burned cheese set off the smoke detectors.  Out of nowhere, after maybe 5 minutes of them going off, these voices started yelling, “RESIDENTS….EVACUATE!” and I mean, come on, that is just creepy.  We also couldn’t get them to stop going off, so we just removed all of them.

3.  A few nights later, out of nowhere, the smoke detectors upstairs went off.  No one was cooking, or smoking, or taking a shower or anything.  But the same voices were telling us to GET OUT.

4.  My favorite gaslight-style lamp, which I have owned for a year with no signs of haunting to date, has started turning itself on and off randomly throughout the day.

5.  The doorbell has been ringing with no signs of anyone having pressed the button.  But it doesn’t do a full ring (which is a full 5 second long ditty), it only plays the first note for a prolonged interval.

6.  Peter texted me on my way home from work a few days ago, explaining that he had accidentally left his keys in the lock of our front door, but then had locked it from the inside and was subsequently trapped inside the apartment after the door wouldn’t unlock.  I, however, didn’t get the text and came home to find the keys in the door, which confused me, but I just left them there because I don’t know, I thought someone left them there on purpose.  Peter came down and explained that he had been trapped for several hours, so I went downstairs to try the lock.  It opened right up.

In conclusion: 


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