Home Sweet Home

Well, we are (sort-of) all settled in the new place!  For those who don’t know, we were able to find a great four-bedroom apartment that we’re sharing with three other people.  They’re new friends of my new friend Carly, which means they’re basically strangers, but it worked out perfectly.  Everyone in the house except Greg is a vegetarian and we have lots of similar interests.  The dogs love each other, although Murray is currently in time-out for being too rowdy.  You’d think our four-mile run tonight would have worn him out, but he’s too excited to play with his new pup friend, Selchie.

The weekend was full of moving, unpacking, and cleaning, but we took Saturday night off to meet up with my former roommate Jen.  New roomies Peter and Stacie came too, and we took a mini-tour of downtown Jamaica Plain.  The night ended with some curry fries and loaded nachos at James’s Gate; always the perfect way to end a late night out if you ask me.

After that, though, the evening took a turn for the…weird.  After we drank some water and chatted, Peter and Stacie headed upstairs to their room while I brushed my teeth in the bathroom.  A minute later, I heard a yell and a clatter in the hallway.  I rushed out of the bathroom to find a flustered Greg waving a hockey stick around in the air.  “BAT!” he shouted, and I looked up to see a dark creature swoop above my head.  Obviously I reacted very calmly by diving to the floor and screaming.  Greg bashed his hockey stick into a door and I screeched at him about breaking something.  “Then go get a broom!” he yelled.  But you guys, I couldn’t get the broom because there was a BAT flying around the kitchen.  So I did the logical thing and hid in the hallway and yelled out little gems of advice like, “This isn’t working!”  Might I point out that Murray was also completely useless.  You’d think an animal that chases every land-, air-, and water-dwelling varmint he sees would at least feign interest in an unfamiliar animal flying around his home, but no.

Well, Peter eventually heard the screams and made his way downstairs, no doubt assuming that there was some act of domestic violence happening in his kitchen.  The bat magically decided to land on the window when Peter arrived, hanging upside down and generally being creepy.  I was still in the middle of explaining the situation to Peter when he grabbed a sieve from the kitchen and ambled over to the bat like he was greeting an old friend on the street.  A second later, he covered the critter, trapping it against the wall.  Then, I was in the middle of commenting that we’d need a way to transport it out when he picked up a flattened box and slid it behind the bat.  He walked over to the front porch and released it into the air like a modern-day Snow White, leaving Greg and me standing with our mouths agape, hockey sticks hanging at our sides.

I found out later that Peter and Stacie had dealt with bats on a regular basis when they were in the Peace Corps in Ecuador.  So that explains a lot.  Maybe we can send Murray down there for some specialized training, because there’s no way I’m becoming a semi-professional bat catcher.


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