PSA Part 2

Okay, guys.  Sorry if anyone thought I was a psycho while reading my last post.  I really didn’t mean for it to come off that way; it was more of an attempt to humorously poke fun at all the people who annoyed me last week a la the style of Blaise from STFU, Parents.  Apparently it sounded like a tirade, which it definitely wasn’t meant to.  Actually I love the families I work with, but in the style of families everywhere, they can get a little overbearing.  Speaking of overbearing families, I want to give a shout-out to my dad, who pointed out how terrible my last post was. (Just kidding.  Or am I?  No I really am.)  I promise my next post (being written right after this one) will only contain pictures and a few words about how great my weekend was (it was!).  And starting tomorrow, I’m going to be back at it in the trenches, collecting quotes of all the weird things my kids have said (I’ve got some doozies lined up for a later post).  And all will be right with the world, only seriously please no one ever ask me to help them with math ever again it’s so scary.


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