Katie + Kevin

This weekend was a spectacular blur of tiny party hats, jolly old bartenders, Pi pizza, fancy hairdos, happy tears, old friends.  It was enough to put me in a bit of a funk today as I reminisced and wondered why we can’t all live in the same city again.

Luckily, the distance between us doesn’t have an effect on our friendship – although it does make me say “I love you” and “I miss you” more often.  I can’t believe I’ve known Katie for seven years now.  Although I have no interest in reliving my 18th year, it sometimes seems like just yesterday that we were unpacking our belongings and setting up our very first dorm room together.  Since then, we’ve weathered the storms that come with living in a tiny box with someone, and then again with saying goodbye as I moved back to St. Louis and Katie stayed at Truman.

My fondest memories of our friendship aren’t specific moments but an entire deluge of feelings that come with reminiscing.  The time we hung Christmas lights in our room using nothing but pushpins and paper clips; the hours of Gilmore Girls and Office marathons with Zoe and Ashley; the Halloween party that brought Sarah Palin, a flapper, Juno, and Rita MRF together.  Then there were the Friday night dinners, when we’d take turns cooking for one another, and then, full of scallops or spaghetti or falafel, we’d head out into the Kirksville nightlife together.  All too soon, we were watching the season finale of Gilmore Girls together the night before graduation.  Luckily, we spent one more evening together the next night – huddled under piles of sleeping bags while camping in the 45 degree May weather.

And then, as these things go, time flew and Katie was dating Kevin and then they were buying a house and adopting a dog and getting engaged.  Just as quickly, wedding weekend sneaked up on us and we all found ourselves in a church, crying as Katie’s friend Grace sang Can’t Help Falling In Love.  I’m so happy and honored to call myself a friend of Katie’s, to have finally met her other friends, to have spent the night stomping and swaying and clapping to all the best wedding reception songs.  Here’s to more dancing, more dogs, more Iowa and KC visits, more vodka tonics, more love.  To Katie and to Kevin, and to many more years of friendship, together and apart.


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