Why Did the Farmer Join a Rock Band?

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow (hello, STL and Katie’s wedding and a four-day reunion with old friends!), or maybe it was the after-work run with my roommate, or maybe it was the Summerfest beer that we bought at the end of said run, but Boston is looking pretty darn good right now.

Or maybe….it’s the fact that I am one step closer to not being homeless come September!  Peter, from the first house (with Murray’s twin sister dog), called me this afternoon to say that he’s been given the go-ahead from his landlord and would we like to come live with them?  So, all that has to happen is I need to get my application approved by his landlord (fingers still crossed, if you could!).  I broke the news to Katie from Craigslist today after we saw a particularly dumpy apartment together.  She was completely understanding and while I’m sad I’ll miss out on the chance to room with her, maybe I have a new Boston friend (who will make snarky faces with me when realtors bring out their rude personalities especially for us).

I’m feeling especially like Joseph Gordon-Levitt today and can’t wait to dance like a fool to some Hall & Oates this weekend.

*Because he was tired of Haulin’ Oats!


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