Baby You’re a Firework

Happy belated Fourth!  My plans didn’t quite work out the way I had hoped.  I went on a run in the sweltering heat yesterday morning (seriously, I thought the summers here were supposed to be mild), and when I came back my roommate let me know that she had decided to go on a spontaneous trip to NYC with some friends.  I can’t really blame her.  Watch fireworks with a near stranger or take a 4-day weekend road trip?  But I felt a bit friendless nonetheless.  There was no way I was going to go downtown or to the beach yesterday.  I can’t even handle Fair St. Louis so the crowds here might send me into a conniption fit.  So, I channeled my inner Tim Gunn and decided to make it work.

Make It Work

In this case, “make it work” ended up translating to “do a whole lot of nothing.”  I did walk down to the downtown area of Jamaica Plain, which is full of a lot of cute stores and restaurants.  Unfortunately, most of them were closed.  But I got to treat myself to dog-watching and some rum raisin ice cream from JP Licks.  Then, a quick run to Whole Foods for some dinner groceries, a ginger ale and grapefruit spritzer, and watching Bridesmaids for the 17th time.  It wasn’t a bad day, but I’m looking forward to being more productive today:  running some errands, watching training videos for work, and maybe sitting on the beach with a book.


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